Amenities included under the all-inclusive rent * :

  • Luxury wall bed, including mattress (Double) **
  • 40" Wall-Mounted Flat Screen TV
  • Unlimited Internet Usage
  • Video Security including FOB entry system
  • Heat (Independently Regulated)
  • Some Suites Include Air Conditioning ***
  • Hydro
  • Water
  • Bar Stool
  • Uncovered Bike Storage


* Sorry, monthly rent cannot be discounted for eliminating any amenities.

** A refundable $80 deposit for a mattress cover. Price is subject to change.

*** Please see floor plans to see which suites already include air conditioning.

Additional amenities available to tenants, but not available under the all-inclusive rent :

  • Automobile Parking ($150/Month)
  • On-site Washing Machine
  • On-site Dryer
  • CommunAuto
  • Food and drink Vending Machines
Luxurious Apartment Amenities